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DOT Oral Fluid Testing

DOT Summary of Changes to Part 40 Final Rule

On June 1, 2023, the Department of Transportation (DOT) approved the use of oral fluid testing in their drug testing program. However, implementation is subject to the certification of at least two labs by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Even though DOT approved oral fluid testing, you can’t use it yet.  However, you do need to begin to consider how/when you will incorporate oral fluid testing into your program.

Once there are approved labs available, employers will be allowed to choose between oral fluid testing and urine testing for DOT drug collections. Most employers may find it best to combine the use of both testing methods. Each employer will be required to determine the circumstances in which each testing method will be used. Employers must choose the type of collection you will use initially for all testing reasons, and this will need to be clearly communicated as a standing order to your collectors and any clinics that you utilize. Of course, you will need to include these changes in your testing policies and communicate the policies to your employees.

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DOT Random Testing

Click the link below to see the full chart of percentages for your annual random testing rates.

**The 2024 annual random testing rates for all DOT Agencies will remain the same as 2023

Random Testing Rates

Drug & Alcohol History Checks – Electronic Signatures Not Allowed

As a TPA, we continue to receive DOT drug and alcohol history checks for processing that include employee electronic signatures, with many indicating they are verified signatures, and some with script fonts for signatures. We understand your need to streamline all of the documents that are required for new hires. We’ve reached out to DOT numerous times regarding electronic signatures on the drug and alcohol histories and we have confirmed that wet signatures are still required for this document.

DOT still does not allow electronic signatures on the drug and alcohol history checks for any of the DOT agencies. Please keep this in mind as you update your new hire processes.

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