New online drug and alcohol training courses for your workforce. Our courses are flexible, compliant, interactive and practical.


Compliance. Navigation of regulations. Personal and timely service. Whether you’re an international pipeline company or just want to establish your own Drug Free Workplace policy, we keep you safe.

Continental Health and Safety Express (C.H.A.S.E. LLC), a third party administrator of workplace substance abuse prevention and detection programs, increases workplace safety & security and reduces substance use/abuse. Since 1991, CHASE has provided quality service to clients subject to federal regulation (DOT) and Drug Free Workplaces.

With policies and plans, timely reporting of tests results, EAP assistance, random testing management, supervisor training, drug and alcohol background checks, dedicated and experienced medical professionals and staff, CHASE is one of the most respected third party administrators in the country.




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Operating from its headquarters in Dickson, TN, CHASE provides pipeline contractors, private industry trucking companies, marine subcontractors, municipalities, and other industries with the development of policies and plans, drug and alcohol testing, rapid collection, results reporting, follow-up with Employee Assistance Services, extensive record keeping, government-required background checks, random testing and compliance reporting.




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